New Member Spotlight 

Genevieve George

Name: Genevieve George

Age: 33

Current Residence: Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Birthplace: Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Family: Husband, Beau and 2 son’s

Career: Financial Advisor, CPA

Genevieve is a Financial Advisor in the Stuart, Florida office of HBKS® Wealth Advisors. She brings over 10 years of public accounting experience working with clients in a number of industries. She is also a Manager for the firm partner HBK CPAs & Consultants.

How long have you been an EWPBF member? 

 April 2016

Why did you choose this organization?

 I was invited to a women’s event for a different organization and was unable to make it. I became curious if there were any professional women’s organizations that I would be interested in and found EWPBF. The first few events I attended were so empowering. I enjoyed speaking with the other members and hearing about their careers and experiences.

Describe your role?

For EWPBF, I currently serve as Treasurer-Elect and as a member of the membership committee.

Within my professional, as a financial advisor I work with individuals on their wealth management as well as the financial planning needs. No two clients are the same. They each have different goals and it is wonderful to be a part of the process of helping them to prioritize and achieve those goals.

What are your goals as a member? 

 To promote and replicate the feelings of encouragement and empowerment that I get when I meet the other members. I look up to these women and am so grateful for the opportunity to call them my peers.

What does your organization need?

My firm is regional firm with a vast amount of resources to offer our clients for Wealth Management and CPA services. My office is in Stuart, FL and we have 13 other offices throughout FL, PA, OH, NY and NJ. Our office is focusing on expending their footprint to Palm Beach County. We are working to build deeper relationships within the area and look forwards to the opportunities to expand our existing relationships and create more over time. 

Is there a specific memorable moment that stands out to you during your time with EWPBF that made you think, “this is why I volunteer

 My first WILA event was in 2016. I was blown away by the caliber of the nominees and recipients. The awardees shared stories of their journeys within their lives and careers. I left feeling “I want to be like them” and knowing that this group of women valued one another and the accomplishments their members have or are working to achieve.

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

I Recently wrote an article for our firm.

Member Spotlight


Leslie A. Adams

Name: Leslie Artsis Adams

Age: "39 again"

Current Residence: South Flagler Drive West Palm

Birthplace:Great Neck, NY    

Family: Brother:  Steven Artsis.  Nephew:  Michael Artsis

Career: Investment Consultant – Wealth Advisor Vice-President Morgan Stanley Wealth Management

How long have you been an EWPBF memberFor more than 25 years

Tell us about your business?   I take a comprehensive, holistic, wealth management approach with my clients, which begins with a discovery process.  I invest the time to get a deep understanding of my clients’ mindset, risk tolerance, past experience, long term goals, fears and dreams.   I ask questions like:  What financial responsibilities do you have for children and parents?   How do you spend and save?  What is your income?   Where are your assets?   How are they titled and what is their total value?   How much do you owe? 

The process goes far beyond merely buying and selling investments.  I understand the client first before any investment is made.  My aim is to be the “Quarterback” of my clients’ financial life which extends to estate planning, lending, insurance, retirement and educational planning, liability management, asset protection and philanthropic services. 

Describe your role?   My job is to simplify a complex investment process, to incorporate vital pieces of information into a comprehensive financial plan designed to achieve goals with specific risk parameters to tie everything together.  I integrate the long term goals of my clients with financial solutions using a planning and consultative based approach.  I offer a variety of different financial products and services that are all related to my clients’ total financial situation.  I help ensure that my clients don’t outlive their wealth which means doing a reality check on spending habits and being realistic about investment returns.

What are your goals for your business?     I am motivated to grow my practice and one of the only ways I can do that is by getting new clients.  By being proactive and leveraging my reputation for integrity, my extensive knowledge of finances and markets, I hope to further develop my professional referral network. 

What challenges have you faced?   We all faced challenges in 2008.  I was able to preserve capital and retain and grow my client base through difficult times.

Does your business produce any special events/promos and if so, do you have any coming up?

Currently I am able to help clients make the most of their cash.  Morgan Stanley is offering an 11 month promotion rate CD at 1.90% APY for assets over $10,000 / maximum $2,000,000 per account.  This is only for new funds coming into Morgan Stanley.

Top Morgan Stanley clients can get a free American Express Platinum Card – the $550 annual fee is waived.

Morgan Stanley has a comprehensive retirement planning program that I can provide free of charge whether you are 30 or 60 plus.  If you have investable assets over $500,000 please come and see me.

Is there a specific memorable moment that stands out to you during your career made you think, “this is why I love my job?  I love my job because I help people with their finances, their families and their philanthropy.  This is very satisfying.

Is there anything else you’d like to add?  Of the many accomplishments that I have had with the Executive Women of the Palm Beaches, the one I am most proud of is my involvement with, is the Lois Kwasman Community Impact Grant.


Member  Business       Spotlight

Melody Spano

Name:   Melody Spano

Age: 64

Current Residence:  Palm Beach Gardens

Birthplace:   Chicago, IL

Family: Married, Three Stepchildren and 10 grandchildren

Career: Commercial Real Estate Broker and Founder of 100+Women Who Care – South Florida

How long have you been an EWPBF member? 

Three years

Tell us about your business?

 I have a commercial real estate business, and represent National Retail Tenants such as TJ Maxx, Marshalls, Homegoods, Floor & Decor and others.  I assist my tenants in identifying, aligning and achieving their business objectives within the Florida real estate market by helping them develop strategic market plans.  Following the developed market and store location strategies, I locate opportunities for them and then execute the plan.

As if that wasn’t enough, I also have another life as Founder of the South Florida Chapter of 100+Women Who Care, an organization that raises money for local, underfunded charities.  Each member of 100+Women Who Care, has the opportunity to sponsor and present their favorite charities at each of our quarterly meetings.  We raise approximately $10,000 per meeting- each member donates a minimum of $100 per quarter, ($400 per year) and 100% of the proceeds go directly to the selected charity.   We started in early 2013 with 30 women and only one South Florida Chapter and now have nearly 500 women, four sub-chapters and have raised over $450,000.

Describe your role?

 I currently Chair the Palm Beach Chapter and since we have set up separate committees for each sub-chapter, I coordinate with the other Chapter Chairs to mentor and assist in growing their Chapters.


What are your goals for your business? 

My goal for my real estate business is to continue to help create successful strategies for my clients.

My Goals for 100+Women Who Care are to continue to grow and expand our South Florida Chapter.  We are in the process of splitting our Palm Beach Chapter into a North Palm Beach and South Palm Beach Chapter, which will then be five sub-chapters.  We are currently recruiting for women who want to make a difference in our community without sacrificing a significant amount of time.

What challenges have you faced? 

My biggest challenge is balancing work, my philanthropic efforts and my personal life –sometimes there are not enough hours in the day.

Does your business produce any special events/promos and if so, do you have any coming up?

100+Women Who Care has their first North Palm Beach Chapter meeting on Wednesday, September 27th, and South Palm Beach will have their next meeting on October 17th.

Is there a specific memorable moment that stands out to you during your career made you think, “this is why I love my job? 

Our Palm Beach Chapter donated approximately $17,000 to Project Lift, an organization dedicated to inspiring lives of “at risk” youth through mentoring and vocational skills training.  At the time, they only had enough funds for a boys vocational skills training program.  With the funds from 100+Women, they were finally able to start a program for young girls -  mentoring and teaching vocational skills.  If we hadn’t started 100+Women Who Care – that might not have ever happened.

The amazing women who are now chairing my sub-Chapters say that running these chapters, meeting so many wonderful non-profits and sponsors of non-profits, has clearly changed their lives.

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

I am grateful to live in an era that allows me to do so many different things with my life.  I operate in an arena of commercial real estate that when I started many years ago, was dominated by men.  However, it has now evolved over time to include many women.

Since I have started the 100 WWC Chapter, I have met so many women wonderful women whose desire is to make a difference in other peoples lives and the world we live in and for that I am eternally grateful that I have been given the opportunity and shown a path in which I can possibly make the world a better place. 


Our Mission: Empowering women to succeed and lead

Our Vision: To be the voice that inspires integrity, equality and leadership

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