New Member Spotlight 

Lisa Williams-Taylor

Name: Lisa Williams-Taylor, Ph.D.

Age: 45

Current Residence: Wellington, Florida

Birthplace: Johnstown, PA

Family: Husband - Ron Taylor, Son - Nickolas Taylor, and loving parents – Nancy and Charles Williams

Career: CEO, Children’s Services Council Palm Beach County

How long have you been an EWPBF member? 3 months

Why did you choose this organization? EWPBF has a wonderful reputation in this community.  It was highly recommended to me by various women in the community that I work with regularly and I knew I wanted to be part of it.  

What are your goals as an EWBF member?  I am excited to meet women leaders outside of my field and expertise, learn from them and build long-lasting relationships.   I believe my participation and membership will help me grow and stretch as a leader in this community.  It’s really important to have a supportive network where you can share ideas and get diversity of thinking on issues facing our community. 

What challenges have you faced?  I like to think of challenges more as opportunities to do things different and better!  One that I feel is important to mention is that when I first moved into my current role as CEO, I had many people – both male and female – tell me that I would have to make sacrifices in order to be successful.  I refused to believe that.  Yes, there are times when it’s difficult and I’m lucky to have a supportive family, but I also ensure boundaries and balance in my life and always take time for family.

As a new member, what can you bring to EWPBF?  I consider myself a collaborative leader focused on improving outcomes for the children and families in this community and am always looking to broaden my reach outside of typical partners.   I actively donate my time to many Boards and community initiatives, which I look forward to sharing with members.  I am really looking forward to learning what other members are doing to find opportunities to work with each other.  I am also very excited about welcoming new members as I have felt very welcomed since joining.

Are there any EWPBF events coming up you’re excited to attend?  WILA 2018 will definitely be on my “must-do” list of events.  Last year’s event was my first and I found it fun, inspirational, and just a great event to get to know folks and show support for exceptional leaders in the community.  I am also looking forward to other networking events over the next year.

Is there a specific memorable moment that stands out to you during your time with EWPBF that made you think, “this is why I joined this organization”?  My first EWPBF event was the 2017 WILA where I was nominated in the public sector. It was just so exciting to be nominated amongst such powerful and accomplished women leaders.  Everyone was so accepting, supportive and welcoming and I knew then that I couldn’t procrastinate any longer and had to be part of this great organization. 

Is there anything else you’d like to add?  I am excited that we have this type of organization in Palm Beach County with such inspiring women with great diversity of experience and knowledge and am looking forward to a great first year!   

Member Spotlight


Natalie M. Alvarez

Name: Natalie M. Alvarez

Age:  Under 50

Current Residence: Stuart, FL

Birthplace: New York, NY

Family: Husband of 25 years, Rafael, Son, Rafael Jr. Sisters: Jackie and Gina

Career: Vice President, Director with Sabadell Bank & Trust now IBERIABANK

How long have you been an EWPBF member? Since 2009

 Why did you choose this organization? I was introduced to EWPB by my sister, who was a member at the time.  I knew immediately that this was a great organization for me to join.  I immensely enjoy getting involved with organizations that have like-minded professionals that support each other personally and professionally.

What are your goals as a member? To learn and grow from our professional and executive members. I want to utilize my strengths in leadership to support the organization’s mission and vision in empowering women to succeed and lead by being the voice that inspires integrity, equality and leadership in the workplace and the community.   I want to make a difference!

What challenges have you faced? One of the challenges we face as a members of an organization with many type “A” personalities is not always having 100% consensus on your choices or decisions.  Having had the opportunity to Chair the Holiday Party and the Women in Leadership Awards Luncheon, multiple times, I faced this challenge often. Yet, through effective communication and active collaboration with all involved, many times this challenge can be overcome.  

As a member, what can you bring to EWPBF? I have a genuine interest in helping others.  I want to inspire the highest standards of professionalism in everything we do.  Through a thoughtful approach to problem solving, effective leadership skills and being a goals oriented individual, I believe this has assisted EWPB in bringing awareness of the organization to our community through our signature events and fundraising activities. 

Are there any EWPBF events coming up you’re excited to attend?  I always look forward to the breakfast bunch gatherings in the north end of PB County. I love getting together with members and catching up on what is happing in their lives.  I am also looking forward to the 2018 WILA event.  This time around I will be able to enjoy as an attendee.

Is there a specific memorable moment that stands out to you during your time with EWPBF that made you think, “this is why I volunteer”?  Yes, this past WILA Sponsors Reception.  I was presented the engraved “free to be” vase.  This gesture will always be engraved in my mind and heart. Our founder, Cynthia Allen Gracey, always found a way to make everyone feel appreciated for their contribution to the organization. With her passing earlier this year, EWPB granted her wish in providing me this amazing acknowledgement in recognition of all the support and contributions I made to EWPB.

Is there anything else you’d like to add? Absolutely!  If anyone is looking for a new financial institution to help with deposits, loans or investments, please consider giving me a call.   I provide the same professional and quality standards at work as I do with EWPB.  I’m sure you will be please with my services!


    Member  Business       Spotlight

Denise Mariani

Name: Denise Mariani

Age: Old enough to know better

Current Residence: We love our town home rental in Charleston Court in Abacoa. We just moved here in April and couldn’t be happier. Walking to Roger Dean Stadium and Downtown Abacoa in 10 minutes is a wonderful amenity, as is being able to get on I-95 in fewer than 5 minutes.

Birthplace: Oil City, PA

Family: My husband Rick and I just celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary this summer with a trip to Stockholm and Iceland. My parents live in Port St. Lucie and I have brothers and sisters with families in Stuart, Orlando and Sarasota in Florida and Pittsburgh and Erie in Pennsylvania

Career: Oh my! This is my third distinct career. I spent 13 years in the college textbook publishing industry. Then I went to culinary school and worked as a chef in a store in Philadelphia that is very much like Carmine’s in Palm Beach Gardens. When we moved to Florida in 2001 I worked in special events for Café Boulud at The Brazilian Court. I started Mariani Marketing & Events six and a half years ago specializing in public relations and planning large events. 

How long have you been an EWPBF member? I joined EWPB in October 2009, so it’s been almost exactly 8 years.

Tell us about your business? Mariani Marketing & Events is a public relations and event planning company. Our goal is to get people talking about you, your product or your special event. We believe it’s important to identify your unique brand, product or event, then utilize our expertise to KEEP people talking about you!

Describe your role?  I am the owner and founder and serve the various needs of my clients by creating strategic alliances with other talented small business owners like myself.

What are your goals for your business? My current goal is to work toward onboarding more public relations clients who need my services year-round. I love my events work, but it tends to be very seasonal which makes budgeting a bit of a challenge. I’m also currently looking for someone to fill a part time paid internship position to support my company’s efforts from now through April.

What challenges have you faced?  The biggest challenge was opening my own business. When I left Café Boulud six and a half years ago I envisioned going to work for a larger PR agency. When it turned out that no one was hiring and my previous clients started asking me to take on projects, I had to figure out how to price things and make a profit.

Does your business produce any special events/promos and if so, do you have any coming up?Of course we produce special events! El Sol Fest is coming up on the afternoon of Sunday, October 29th at the El Sol Center at the intersection of U.S. 1 and Military Trail in Jupiter. It’s a free event open to the public with talented artist vendors, live music, authentic Latin food from the local community, and TONS of children’s activities. My friends from EWPB must come!

Is there a specific memorable moment that stands out to you during your career made you think, “this is why I love my job? Every time I see my clients mentioned in a newspaper or magazine or featured on a television broadcast I am reminded why I love my job! This is why I get up in the morning!



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