The EWPB Past Presidents have created a legacy for us in leading the way for
EWPB involvement in community service, and advancing the progress of women in our society.

2016-2017 Lori Fischer

2015-2016 - Sandra Close Turnquest

2014-2015 Charlotte Pelton

2013-2014 Minx Boren

2012-2013 Ellen J. Block, Esq.

2011-2012 Monica Manolas

2010-2011 Regina Bedoya

2009-2010 Virginia Spencer

2008-2009 Deborah J. Jaffe

2007-2008 Pat Fitzgerald

2006-2007 Marilyn Moore

2005-2006 Pamela Payne

2004-2005 Terry Gearing

2003-2004 Joyce Elden

2002-2003 Dorothy Jacks

2001-2002 Michele Gurto

2000-2001 Cynthia Jackson

1999-2000 Nancy Lewis Heins

1998-1999 Mimi Howard

1997-1998 Nancy H. Goldman

1996-1997 Gayle A. Landen

1995-1996 Toby Chabon Berger

1994-1995 Dee Phelps

1993-1994 Dorothy A. Bradshaw

1992-1993 Abbey Hairston

1991-1992 Ellen L. Bainer

1990-1991 Rita B. Craig

1989-1990 Barbara L. Allan

1988-1989 Beverly Pope Sears

1987-1988 Kathy Adams

1986-1987 Fran Hathaway

1985-1986 Jan Ecclestone Colby*

1984-1985 Julie Noble

1983-1984 Pat Pepper*

1982-1983 Cynthia Allen Gracey* (Founder)

* Deceased



Our Mission: Empowering women to succeed and lead

Our Vision: To be the voice that inspires integrity, equality and leadership

in the workplace and our community

Executive Women of the Palm Beaches Foundation, Inc.
2701 N Australian Avenue, Suite 205
West Palm Beach, FL  33407

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